"Sound The Alarm" Campaign Featured on WHYY

This morning, Caucus Member Larissa Pahomov was interviewed on WHYY about the Philly Teachers Sound The Alarm campaign.

"It's become this absurd new normal where teachers are just expected to bend over backwards to make their classrooms work," said Pahomov. "We do it because we're good people ... but we need the public to know that we're doing it, because it's become invisible to a large degree in Philadelphia."

As for the site's lack of anonymity: "This comes back to a classic union idea, which is that there is strength in solidarity," she said. "There's strength just in making those connections across the district."

Check out the full report on the Newsworks website. And more importantly, please write up your grievance today and send it in to the site! Learn how to submit an entry here.