Are You Prepared for the Contract Vote on Monday June 19?

Are You Prepared for the Contract Vote on Monday June 19?

This afternoon, PFT members learned that a tentative contract agreement has been reached and that the membership will vote on the proposal on Monday June 19 at 6:00pm (doors open at 4:00pm) at the Liacouras Center (1776 N. Broad Street at Cecil B. Moore Avenue).  


Screen_Shot_2017-06-16_at_10.16.04_PM.pngWhat happens at the vote?


All 11,000 members of the PFT are invited to the Special Membership Meeting/Contract Ratification Vote at the Liacouras Center to hear about the proposed contract changes and then vote 'yes' to approve or 'no' to reject the proposal. Voting occurs via private ballot, which will be counted by an outside agency called the American Arbitration Association (AAA). There may be a symbolic voice vote, but the contract is not ratified or rejected until every member present at the meeting has their vote counted by the AAA. All PFT members are welcome to stay and witness the vote count.


What should you do to prepare for the vote?


PFT Contract Webinar: Join the PFT Contract Webinar tomorrow Saturday June 17 at 10:00am. The PFT leadership will be sharing information and answering questions about key provisions in the new contract. To register for the Webinar, log in to the “Members Only” page at


Contract Reading Party: Schedule a before-school, breakfast or lunchtime Contract Reading Party at your school on Monday. Make sure every PFT member in your building has the opportunity to read and discuss the contract proposal and make an informed decision.


Contract Vote Postcard: Every PFT member should have received a red and white postcard in the mail, which is your ticket into the contract ratification vote. If you did not receive one bring a photo ID and your most recent pay stub to the meeting - and call the PFT office immediately at 215-587-6738.


Getting to the Vote: Arrange childcare and transportation to the Liacouras Center on Monday. Carpool or take the SEPTA Broad Street Line to the Cecil B Moore station. (Here is the parking guide for the Liacouras Center.)


Screen_Shot_2017-06-16_at_10.52.48_PM.pngPaper Ballot: As mentioned above, the voice vote is merely symbolic. It’s the paper vote that counts. REMEMBER TO COMPLETE YOUR PAPER BALLOT AND CAST YOUR VOTE BY PUTTING IT DIRECTLY INTO THE BALLOT BOX BEFORE LEAVING. Do not hand your ballot to anyone. Be sure your vote gets counted. Put it into the box yourself.


Want tips on how to organize a “Contract Reading Party?” Have other questions? Contact us at [email protected].