"Abolish the SRC" at Broad Street Run

Sunday, May 04, 2014 at 08:30 AM through May 05, 2014

Event contact

David Hensel


Join WE and other education advocates to collect signatures for the PCAPS ballot initiative to abolish the SRC. 20,000 signatures are needed to get the question on the ballot- and what better place to start than the Broad Street Run!

WE will set up a table with forms and clip boards at Broad between Spring Garden & Callow Hill (near the water station). 

Volunteers can pick strategic places along Broad St. where they feel they can reach the most voters. Volunteers should set up tables or just canvas near their schools and neighborhoods, or in heavily populated areas during the run. (Here is a list of some of them: http://www.broadstreetrun.com/eventinformation/spectatorinfo.cfm).

We'll collect as many signatures as we can until most runners go by, then if volunteers are able to, we would all like them to meet us at our stopping point at the subway stop at Broad & Pattison- WE will be set up with a big orange tent. Luigi Borda, building rep at Masterman, will be there with a big orange tent and his favorite red Fiat. We'll have more sheets and clip boards there. We will continue collecting signatures there, since there will be many runners and their supporters coming to us from the Navy Yard. 

At Broad and Pattison, Caucus Members Luigi Borda and David Hensel will be checking signature sheets to make sure they are correct and ready to be notarized. We'll also be sharing details on the best way to get them notarized.

If volunteers aren't able to make it to Broad & Pattison, they should hold on to their signature sheers until they can be notarized. 

It would be great if people could e-mail the spots along Broad St. that they have in mind and their plans (how many people expected, time they are available, whether they can continue down at Broad & Pattison, etc.) at [email protected] and we can attach a form for them to print out. They can also call or text David at 215-806-7079 before or during the canvas.

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