Feb 4: Check the mail for your PFT ballot, then VOTE!


Today, procedures for the 2016 Philadelphia Federation of Teachers election were released publicly.

Now it’s official: the Caucus of Working Educators will be running a full slate in the upcoming elections -- including PFT Executive Officers, Executive Board, and PA AFT and national AFT convention delegates. WE are excited for this election and the opportunity to involve every one of our 11,500 members in the work of strengthening our union and fighting for our profession and public education.

Whether this is the first time you’re hearing about the election, or you’ve been following the headlines since we announced our intent to run in September, here’s all the info you need:

  1. You will be voting for 36 Positions: 9 Executive Officers, and 27 Executive Board Members.

  2. You will also vote for 100 Philadelphia delegates to the national AFT convention in Minneapolis in 2016, and 100 delegates to the PA AFT Convention in 2017 (location TBA).

  3. The election will be held via mail-in ballot. Ballots will be mailed to the homes of every PFT member on February 4th, and they need to arrive at the office of the American Arbitration Association by Tuesday, February 23rd.

    1. To check your address:

      • Go to PhilaSD.org and log in.
      • Choose Employee Payroll Information. Then select Employee Information.
        • Check to make sure your address, job title, and union are correct.

      If your information is not correct, you need to act immediately:

      1. Download and complete the Employee Change of Residential Address form (Available hereor on the SDP Payroll Department website "Forms" page).
      2. Photocopy your School District or Government Issued Identification.
      3. Fax (don't mail) the form and your ID to the Payroll Department: 215–400–4491
      4. Confirm that the Payroll has processed your form by calling their office: 215-400-4490 Call them before January 22nd!
    2. Ballots will be sent out by the AAA via US Mail on February 4thIf you do not receive your ballot, immediately call the AAA: 215-731-2280
  4. Each slate will be able to send mailings to the addresses of every voting PFT member leading up to the election (but don’t wait around - help distribute WE flyers at your school today!)

  5. A nomination and election committee will be formed with up to 5 members from each slate to oversee the election.

  6. On February 24th at 9:00am, ballots will be counted by the American Arbitration Association, with members of each slate present as observers.

  7. For the full official election procedures, download and share this PDF document.


So, are you ready to help Working Educators transform and re-energize our union to fight for the schools Philadelphia deserves? Here’s how you can help:

-Make sure your colleagues and friends know there’s an election coming up (you’d be surprised how many PFT members have no idea!).

-Invite members of the WE Slate to host a “Who are WE?” session for your colleagues at your school or a nearby location.

-Distribute buttons, stickers, pens or t-shirts in your school, and make sure to take a #WEWednesdays photo with everyone.

-Help hand out WE flyers at schools in your school, neighborhood, or by your workplace. Contact us for materials and needed locations.

-Support us and become part of the campaign by joining as a member or supporting member (for non-PFT members)!

-Donate to our fundraising campaign to pay for flyers, supplies, and events.