How to Host a Contract Reading Party


Our union may soon vote on an all-important collective bargaining agreement. Use this guide to bring together colleagues at your school or home to determine if this contract deserves your vote. Democracy makes our union strong!


  • Discussion around contract voting is a normal right of a democratic union

  • Members deserve an opportunity to understand the contract terms so they can discuss it with their families in advance of the vote

  • Colleagues deserve an opportunity to discuss the impact this contract will have on their schools


Gather everything to clearly read, discuss, and understand any proposal:

  • Copies of the current contract and changes

  • Sign-in sheets, whiteboards or flip charts, Post-its, etc.

 Basic Agenda

  1. Opening, introductions, ground rules

  2. Why are we here?

    • What are our top priorities for a contract? What are our dealbreakers?

  3. Review and discuss contract changes

    • What will these changes look like for our schools and our families?

    • Do these fall in line with our own top priorities?

  4. Ask: If you had to vote now, what would you do?

    • If you don’t know yet, what information do you need?

    • Brainstorm & collect questions for PFT Leadership (either at info meetings or Liacouras center)

  5. Check-in tasks before everyone leaves:

    • Do you get your contract vote ticket in the mail? If not, call the PFT Office ASAP: 215-587-6738

    • Do you have transportation to the Liacouras Center? Arrange a caravan!

    • Do you need childcare in order to attend? Talk to families about pooling childcare for the evening.


Click here to download a PDF of this guide to use at your "Contract Reading Party."