How WE Will Lead: Eileen Duffey, Recording Secretary

How will Working Educators lead the PFT? Meet all 9 officer candidates for yourself, learn their vision for the future of our union, and find out why they are running for office in the 2016 PFT elections.

Here's Working Educators Candidate for Recording Secretary, Eileen Duffey:

After the layoffs of the school nurses in 2011, I helped to organize 22 weeks of consecutive rallies outside of 440. I was troubled about what was happening to our students when nurses were laid off, and they were looking for cheaper ways to provide the service we provide. At that time I met many people who supported my rallies, members of Teacher Action Group, parents, members of other unions- and that was the beginning of my involvement with the Caucus.

Eileen.jpgEILEEN DUFFEY is a fearless, relentless advocate for public schools. As a 21-year veteran school nurse, she currently works at Academy at Palumbo and Stearne Elementary, and has previously worked at Meredith, Nebinger, and Furness. She earned her B.S. and M.S. from St. Joeseph’s University, and her nursing degree from Hahnemann. She is a proud member of the Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools, and co-produced the video "Our Schools Are Not for Sale," which won the nationally-recognized Home Town Media Award. In 2011, she successfully organized and led a 22-week rally which brought national attention to Philadelphia’s layoffs of school nurses. Since then, Eileen has continued to pressure the District to resist outsourcing the work of certified school nurses. She strengthens her organizing work by cultivating relationships with church communities, educational leaders, city councilpersons, and grassroots activists. She is a member of POWER through her church. 

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