How WE Will Lead: Ismael Jimenez, VP of High Schools

How will Working Educators lead the PFT? Meet all 9 officer candidates for yourself, learn their vision for the future of our union, and find out why they are running for office in the 2016 PFT elections.

Here's Working Educators Candidate for Vice President of High Schools, Ismael Jimenez:

"There is a necessity for our union to the the strong force that it should be. With the numbers that we represent as the largest public union in Philadelphia, and the second largest in the state, there's no reason our power isn't being utilized. And that inspires me, because there's no better time than now."

Ismael.jpgISMAEL JIMENEZ has worked with students ranging from preschool to high school  in Philadelphia for 10 years.  Ismael worked as a Secondary Social Studies teacher at Germantown High School until it was closed. Currently, he teaches African-American History at Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School. He has been an active member of the building committee. Ismael has also facilitated several professional developments at the school district on issues ranging from structural racism to bridging the knowledge gap of students that manifests between high schools and postsecondary institutions.


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