How WE Will Lead: Peggy Savage, VP of Elementary Schools

How will Working Educators lead the PFT? Meet all 9 officer candidates for yourself, learn their vision for the future of our union, and find out why they are running for office in the 2016 PFT elections.

Here's Working Educators Candidate for Vice President of Elementary Schools, Peggy Savage:

"WE will create an environment of racial justice. I have noticed many educators being left out; older women, women of color, experienced educators, and laid-off staff. The staffing system is broken and it continues to fail our children.”


Peggy.jpgPEGGY SAVAGE is a 5th grade E.L.L. & Autistic Friendly classroom teacher in the Port Richmond section  of Philadelphia.  She has been an educator for 33 years. She is a Need Indeed first year teacher, N.A.A.C.P ACT-SO Science & Math judge, Philadelphia Writing Project Alum/ E.L.L  & Teaching Consultant , a P.F.T Political Liaison, and numerous other organizations. She is a recent recipient of the 2016 E3 Spirit of Excellence Award.  


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