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The best way to get involved with the Caucus of Working Educators is to become an official member. Our strength comes from educators, parents, and allies working together to fight for Philadelphia's public schools. Your membership makes our movement stronger, and also supports events, actions, and other work. 

Check out the membership options below:

-PFT Member: If you are PFT Member, you can become a FULL MEMBER of the Caucus of Working Educators by signing up for a monthly donation below in the amount of your choice. You can join for as little as $5 a month! Note: Please DO NOT sign up using your email address, since the district disallows union-related communications.

-PFT Secretary, Aide, or NTA: All PFT Secretaries, Aides, or NTA's are eligible to join as a full member at a reduced rate of $20 a year. Click here to join as a PFT Secretary, Aide, or NTA.

-Parents, Other Education Workers, & Community Allies: If you are not a PFT member, you can still join WE as a supporting member with a donation of $20 a year. Supporting members include parents, community members, pre-service teachers, higher education professors and students, charter school employees, and everyone else. Your work is essential to this fight. Click here to join as a Supporting Member.

-Other Donations: We hope that everyone in the Philly area will join as a member or supporting member. However, if you're not seeking to become a member, but would like to make a one-time donation, you can do that here

Once you are signed up, a fellow caucus member will be in touch via e-mail to get you plugged into our work and events!

If you're not ready to join just yet, sign up for our general e-mail list and get more information. Or better yet, come to one of our events!

Questions or issues? To contact us directly, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Who's donating

Desiree Jackson
Bridget Donnelly
James Hall
Ethan Tannen
Stephon Petro
Katrina Clark
Eliezer Gottlieb
Robert Zeitlin
Alison Marzuoli
Jan Cohen
Thomas Hladczuk
Jessica Manton
Susanna Angelini
Matthew Fischetti
Anissa Weinraub
Andrea Siegel
Jesse Todd
Yaasiyn Muhammad
Andrew Butryn
Bevin Journey
Katherine Bernard
Janene Hasan
Julie Steiner
Sarah Grey
Alexander Bouwman
Sarah Grey
Kristin Dator
Elly Porter-Webb
Manon Gordan
Harry Graham
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