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Join Us - Supporting Member

If you are a PFT secretary, paraprofessional, or NTA, you are eligible to join as a full member at a reduced rate of $20 a year. Supporting Members who are not a part of the PFT can also join at this rate.

Please DO NOT sign up using your @philasd.org email address, since the district disallows union-related communications.

If you can make a greater financial commitment to the caucus, you can also join at the full member rate with a monthly donation

Who's donating

Kathleen Melville
Sherice Workman
Rosemary Barbera
Wende Marshall
Gail Krause
RIch Liuzzi
Annie LovettHall
Sophie Lee
Lee McIntyre
Ben Van Zee
Rhiannon Maton
Wendy Fortunato
diane Payne Payne
Sara Broad
Jason Bernstein
mary stricker
Luís Raúl Oquendo
Seth Kulick
Stephanie King
Ron Whitehorne
leah wood
Deborah Grill
John MacElveen
Lisette Rivera
Darlene Messina
Kendall Mullen
Rodrigo Fernández
Leann Stover Nyce
Sarah Byker James
Rosemary Kaleo