Philly Educators On Your Ballot: Vote for Committee Person!

All over Philadelphia today, educators, parents, and public education supporters are on the ballot running for local committee person positions. These positions help run elections, turn out neighbors to vote, and endorse candidates- but they often go unfilled. We vote for Committee Person every four years, and this year is one of them! 

Over the last year (and more), the Caucus of Working Educators has worked alongside other organizations in the Democratize Philly Coalition to encourage and supported public education educators, parents, and supporters to run for these important local positions. 

“Educators like me are getting involved in all levels of government to ensure fair and full funding for all Philadelphia public schools, and a moratorium on budget-draining charter school expansion,” explains Dan Symonds, a teacher running in South Philadelphia. “It's our turn to make decisions about the schools we all rely on." (Philadelphia Weekly)

Is there an educator or public education supporter on your ballot? Check out out list below! (This is a growing list- check back later for updates. If we missed you, please let us know ASAP!)

-Kathleen Melville (Ward 1- Division 3)

-Stephon Petro (Ward 1- Division 3)

-Meagan Ingerson (Ward 31- Division 19) (Democratic State Committee, Division 2)

-Dan Symonds (Ward 1- Division 5)

-Adam Blyweiss (Ward 5- Division 13)

-Amy Roat (Ward 5- Division 17)

-George Bezanis (Ward 63- Division 14)

-Steve Paul (Ward 12- Division 11)

-Tasha Russell (Ward 22- Division 21)

-Tom Quinn (Ward 22- Division 19) (Write In)

-Bob Kringe (Ward 2- Division 7)

-Kristin Dator (Ward 2- Division 7)

-Luigi Borda (Ward 26- Division 15)

-Honey Polis-Bodine (Ward 2- Division 1)

-Pete McDermott (Ward 64- Division 14)

-Jessica Way (Cheltenham 3-1)

-Marc Meola (Ward 8- Division 17)

-Kendra Brooks (Ward 13- Division 13)


Looking for more election day info? Check out our Working Educators Endorsements for the May 2018 Primaries

For more information on the Committee Person Campaign: "Philly Educators Aim for Committee Seats"- Philadelphia Weekly

The Democratize Philly Campaign includes: Americans for Democratic Action- SE Pennsylvania, Caucus of Working Educators, Neighborhood Networks, Philadelphia NOW, Reclaim Philadelphia, Philly CLUW, Moving Philly Forward, and United Voices for Philadelphia.

Want to get involved in work like this? Join WE's Political Committee by emailing [email protected] or George Bezanis at [email protected].