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Working Educators Slate for PFT Leadership:

Kathleen Melville for PFT President (English Teacher, The Workshop School HS)*

Luis Raul Oquendo for PFT Vice-President (Bilingual Counseling Assistant, Jackson ES/Kensington CAPA MS)

Cristina Gutierrez for PFT Vice-President of Elementary Schools (Dual-Language First Grade, Elkin ES)

Kelly Collings for PFT Vice-President of Middle Schools (Middle Years Math, Feltonville Arts and Sciences MS)*

Ismael Jimenez for PFT Vice-President of High Schools (African-American History, Kensington CAPA HS)*

Jessica Way for PFT Legislative Representative (CTE Nursing, Franklin Learning Center HS)*

Katrina Clark for PFT Associate Secretary (Social Studies, The Workshop School HS)*

Shira Cohen for PFT Recording Secretary (Middle Years Math, Feltonville Arts and Sciences MS)*

Daniel Symonds for PFT Treasurer (Social Studies, Science Leadership Academy HS)*


Working Educators Slate for PFT Executive Board:

High School Representatives:

Hanako Franz (Paul Robeson HS)*

Nick Bernardini (Samuel Fels HS)*

Technical/Skill Center (CTE) Representative:

Harry Graham (CTE Welding, Ben Franklin HS)

Middle School Representatives:

Sadedrah Williams (Paraprofessional, Greenfield ES)

Amy Roat (Feltonville Arts and Sciences MS)*

Kaitlin McCann (McCall ES)*

Elementary School Representatives:

Kara Yanochko (Lingelbach ES)*

Kate Sannicks-Lerner (Julia De Burgos ES)*

Helen Wilkes (Cassidy ES)*

Special Education Representative:

Tasaday Messina (Chester Arthur ES)*

SSA/Reading Assistant Representative:

Kenny Jones (Philadelphia Learning Academy- South)*

Secretary Representative:

Debora Lopez (McClure ES)

Paraprofessional Representative:

Leah Wood (Feltonville Arts and Sciences MS)*

Professional/Technical Representative:

Sarah D'Aulerio  (Office of Specialized Services)

Food Services Representative:

Kathy Micucci (Julia De Burgos ES)

Head Start Representative:

Nina Willbach (Southwark ES)

Support Services Representative:

Bevin Journey (Occupational Therapist, Wright ES / Blaine ES / Taylor ES / Duckery ES / Kenderton MS / Strawberry Mansion HS)

At-Large Representatives:

Paul Prescod (Kensington Health Sciences HS)*

Katie Carpenter (School Psychologist, SLA-CC / SLA-Beeber / SLAMS / Workshop)

Maddie Luebbert (Kensington Health Sciences HS)*

Abe Taber (Music Teacher, Childs ES)*

Jenifer Felix (ESOL Teacher, Kensington Health Sciences)

Emily Seiter (School Nurse, McClure ES)*

Bridget Mason (Palumbo HS)*


* = Building Rep / Building Committee experience

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