Sport some new gear!


Everyone in the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers is a fan of PFT gear. It's a badge of pride to wear red and display our shield on a shirt, a hat, a pin. And yet... don't you sometimes wish there was some other way to show off your union pride? The work we do and the battles we wage comprise serious business, but why not inject a hint of fun and surprise—a bit of "cool factor"—into our efforts?

Adam Blyweiss, teacher of CTE Commercial & Advertising Art at Martin Luther King High School and the Communications Secretary for WE, had the idea to spice up union members' wardrobes with gear that reconfigured our name in the styles of Philadelphia sports teams. Our city's fandom, passion, and knowledge about sports are unparalleled in the nation. What better way to make colleagues look twice—and start conversations with our fellow citizens—than tying the games we love to the work we love?

This new t-shirt design, modeled after Philadelphia's pro baseball team, is the first in what we hope will be a series of limited-edition shirts to show public visual support for our union and raise funds for the Caucus of Working Educators. Please visit our Chuffed campaign page for more information and to order your shirts. We hope to hit our pre-order targets during May 2017 so shirts can be produced and mailed out in June 2017.