Starting Today, Philly Teachers Sound the Alarm


We are thrilled to announce a new campaign -

Philly Teachers Sound the Alarm 

As educators, you have all gone above and beyond in your schools–sometimes even compromising your own rights as a working professional–to support your students in the face of terrible conditions. The public has heard a few of your stories via the press, such as how much teachers spend on their own classrooms, but they have no idea how pervasive the problems really are.

In many cases, this negligence also breaks the work rules of the district’s contract with the PFT.

On top of all this, the District is seeking permission to disregard our contract’s work rules, claiming that they don’t benefit students. The PFT leadership has spoken out multiple times against this myth, but many think that work rules are only there to protect teachers, when we know that our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions.

We are asking every teacher in Philadelphia to report about the real state of their school — to show the negligence of the district and reclaim their right to say something about it.

Sound the alarm together!

All it takes is one paragraph and a photo -- entries will begin tomorrow and continue until we hear from every school in the district! Download our Instruction Kit and then send your entry to [email protected].