Taking A Stand Against Asbestos

Taking A Stand Against Asbestos

Are you sick of our toxic school building conditions?

Earlier this month, a School District of Philadelphia educator was diagnosed with mesothelioma, the aggressive cancer caused by asbestos exposure. In Philadelphia 175 of our schools have asbestos, as well as other harmful building materials and contaminants, and educators refuse to continue to stand by while the health of our students, colleagues, and community are affected.

At this week's September School Board meeting, colleagues, parents, and students of the affected educator took the brave step of testifying on the need for lead and asbestos remediation for ALL Philly schools. 

To show our solidarity with all our colleagues and students who have had their health affected by unsafe school conditions, as well as those taking the brave step to speak out at the school board, WE members helped to organize solidarity photos wearing respirator masks at schools across the city. Check out some of the powerful photos below:

We are still collecting solidarity photographs to show our support for the diagnosed educator, as well as to raise awareness. Are you and your colleagues willing to pose for a photo? Or would you like the get involved in Working Educators' campaign to #HealOurSchools?

Email us at [email protected] and we will arrange to bring you all of the materials you need for a photo and/or informational picket at your school.