How To Get Your PFT Election Ballot … Make Sure The School District Has Your Current Address!

PFT_Votes.pngThe PFT Elections are coming up this February and ballots will be mailed to members’ homes. Make sure your ballot gets mailed to the right address!

The American Arbitration Association (AAA) will mail the ballots on February 4th using employee data pulled from the school district on January 22nd, 2016. If you have changed address since you started working in the district, you may need to update your address.  It’s essential to check NOW, especially if you have direct deposit and do not receive your checks in the mail!

To check your address:

  • Go to and log in.
  • Choose Employee Payroll Information. Then select Employee Information.
    • Check to make sure your address, job title, and union are correct.

If your information is not correct, you need to act immediately:

  1. Download and complete the Employee Change of Residential Address form (Available here or on the SDP Payroll Department website "Forms" page).
  2. Photocopy your School District or Government Issued Identification.
  3. Fax (don't mail) the form and your ID to the Payroll Department: 215–400–4491
  4. Confirm that the Payroll has processed your form by calling their office: 215-400-4490 Call them before January 22nd!

Ballots will be sent out by the AAA via US Mail on February 4th. If you do not receive your ballot, immediately call the AAA: 215-731-2280

If you have any other questions about the elections, look at the FAQ on WE’s PFT Election website, or go to to view the Elections Procedures.

Members are the power of the PFT!