Weekly Update: How to Make Thursday Work for YOU

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First off, we've got two more essential resources to help you understand the SRC's proposed health care costs:

  • How would your health care costs add up? - A review of monthly and annual costs for EVERY health plan offered, calculated correctly by actual district math teachers.
  • Are Philly teachers on par? - An exhaustive comparison of average salaries and health care costs in the region, expertly researched by Central History teacher George Bezanis.

Do you notice a trend here? Caucus members are debunking the lies that the SRC has spread in the past week ( that the press is only just starting to recognize as misinformation, at best.)

Of course, the real issue here is not one of dollars and cents -- it's the broken trust between the SRC and the union, working educators, and the entire city of Philadelphia.

To those ends, it is essential that anyone who cares about public education in Philadelphia join us on Thursday:

Keeping Our Contract With the Students of Philadelphia

Even though the School District of Philadelphia arbitrarily cancelled the contracts of 12,500 teachers on Monday, teachers across the city continue to uphold our contracts to educate and care for the students and families of Philadelphia. 

How do YOU keep your contract every day with the students of Philadelphia? Whether you're a teacher, parent, student, or community member, come to 440 N Broad on Thursday, 10/16 to show the SRC what it means to keep our contract with Philadelphia's kids.

How can you make this rally meaningful? 

To be clear, it is about more than just "showing up" -- we need to present a clear message to Philadelphia about what has gone wrong with the school district, and then publicize that message ourselves by photographing, videotaping, and sharing everything that happens during the event.

So what should you be doing? Here are some prompts for each group of stakeholders:


  • "The SRC broke my contract, but I'm keeping my contract by ___________." Describe the work that you do to support your students despite the disrespect you've been shown.
  • BRING THAT WORK to the rally! Educators will be participating in a "grade-in" both in the Atrium and outside of 440.
  • Also: "My Union WANTS to Negotiate!"
  • Also: "Collective Bargaining is the LAW!"
  • Also: "Dr. Hite pays 5% of his healthcare costs. Can I get that plan?"


  • "I'm helping teachers keep their contract by ____________" -- fill in the blank. rallying today? bringing supplies to school? paying for extra programming? volunteering?
  • "I am a (school name) parent and I stand in #solidaritywithteachers"
  • "The SRC has disrespected my children, their teachers, and our community."

Community Members:

  • "I am an ______________ (job description) and I stand in #solidaritywithteachers"
  • "I am a graduate of _______________ and my school and its teachers deserve better."
  • "The SRC has violated the public trust!"


You'll probably be hearing from us again before the big day. In the meantime, share these prompts with everybody you know. Make personal asks for friends and family to turn out. 

Because this isn't about some health care costs. This is about the future of public education in our city.