What WE Want to See in Philadelphia Public Schools


Over the last three months, the Caucus of Working Educators has met thousands of PFT members around the city. That process all started with a listening campaign, wit a couple of central questions: what would make your life better as an educator? and what could the PFT be doing to help with that?

The first result of that work was our Campaign Platform. Now, we're pleased to present nine position papers on the following topics:

  • Negotiating the Next PFT Contract
  • The PFT and our Political Alliances
  • Rank and File Communications and Empowerment
  • Disbanding the SRC and Replacing Superintendent Hite
  • Transforming What it Means to be a Union Member
  • Community Involvement and Team Building
  • Standardized Testing and School Performance Metrics
  • School Climate and Safety
  • Fighting for Services for Students with Special Needs

We'll be featuring this content on our website over the next couple of weeks, but you can read the complete packet of position papers here