When's the public hearing for new charter school applications?

As recently reported in The Notebook, charter school applications must have a review that is open to the public. The first round of reviews are now scheduled.

We strongly encourage educators and community members to look up whether charter schools are targeting their zip code with their application -- and then attend that application's meeting to let the School District of Philadelphia know that we are committed to our public schools in these neighborhoods.

We know that educators are working during most of these meetings, but we urge you to contact your parents and community members so that they can turn out and represent your school.

Let the review board know -- charter schools are not a sustainable option for our district!

The only reason that charter applications are even being considered again is due to an add-on clause to the Cigarette Bill Tax. Parents at Steel and Marin showed the District last spring that they did not want charters in their neighborhoods. Now there are 40 applications that need the same kind of community input.

The meetings will be held at the School District Central Office, 440 North Broad Street.

Proposed School Name Initial hearing date Time Area of City Zip Code
Germantown Community Charter School 8-Dec 11:45 AM Germantown 19144
Liguori Academy Charter School 8-Dec 12:25 PM unkown unknown
Philadelphia Career and Technical Academy 8-Dec 12:05 PM Germantown 19144
String Theory Charter School - East Falls 8-Dec 1:50 PM East Falls 19129
String Theory Charter School - Greys Ferry 8-Dec 2:05 PM South Philly 19146
String Theory Charter School - Southeast 8-Dec 2:30 PM South Philly 19148
The Partnership School for Science and Innovation - MaST Community Charter School 8-Dec 12:45 PM Center City 19106, 19146
Urban STEM Academy 8-Dec 1:30 PM NW Philly 19138
ASPIRA Ramon E. Betances Charter School 10-Dec 11:30 AM North Philly 19120
Congreso Academy Charter High School 10-Dec 11:50 AM North Philly 19133
Esperanza Elementary Charter School 10-Dec 12:35 PM North Philly 19140
Friendship Public Charter School 10-Dec 10:50 AM North Philly unknown
KIPP North Philadelphia Charter School 10-Dec 10:30 AM North Philly 19132
Leon H. Sullivan Opportunities Charter School 10-Dec 12:55 PM North Philly unknown
Mastery Charter School - Gillespie Campus 10-Dec 2:25 PM North Philly 19140
Mastery Charter School - North Philadelphia Campus 10-Dec 2:45 PM North Philly 19132
New Foundations Charter School - Brewerytown 10-Dec 11:10 AM North Philly 19121
PHASE 4 America Charter School 10-Dec 1:15 PM North Philly unknown
TECH Freire Charter School 10-Dec 1:35 PM North Philly 19132
The Pavilion Charter School for Exceptional Students 10-Dec 2:05 PM North Philly 19132
ACES Business Entrepreneur Academy Charter School 11-Dec 12:55 PM West Philly 19151
Belmont Charter High School 11-Dec 10:10 AM West Philly 19104
Girls' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School 11-Dec 10:30 AM West Philly 19143
Global Leadership Academy International Charter School 11-Dec 1:15 PM West Philly 19131
Green Woods Charter School at Overbrook Farms 11-Dec 10:50 AM West Philly 19151
Independence Charter High School 11-Dec 11:50 AM West Philly 19104
Independence Charter School West 11-Dec 11:30 AM West Philly 19142
Innovative Dimensions STEAM Academy 11-Dec 11:10 AM West Philly unknown
KIPP Dubois Charter School 11-Dec 2:25 PM West Philly 19131
KIPP West Philadelphia Charter School 11-Dec 2:45 PM West Philly 19143
Philadelphia Music and Dance Charter School 11-Dec 1:35 PM West Philly 19139
PHMC Preparatory Charter School 11-Dec 2:05 PM West Philly 19143
Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School II 11-Dec 12:35 PM West Philly 19143
American Paradigm Charter School (Oxford Circle) 12-Dec 2:25 PM NE Philly 19111
American Paradigm Charter School at Port Richmond 12-Dec 2:05 PM Richmond 19124
Franklin Towne Charter Middle School 12-Dec 1:45 PM NE Philly 19137
Keystone Preparatory Charter School 12-Dec 1:25 PM NE Philly 19135
MaST Community Charter School - Roosevelt Campus 12-Dec 12:55 PM NE Philly 19116
String Theory Charter School - Port Richmond 12-Dec 12:35 PM Richmond 19134
Sustainable Roots Academy Charter School 12-Dec 12:20 PM Richmond 19125