When We Fight We Win: Join UTLA At Our 5th Annual Convention!

When We Fight We Win: Join UTLA At Our 5th Annual Convention!

When We Fight We Win: Join UTLA At Our 5th Annual Convention!

For nearly two years, 35,000 educators in more than 900 schools in Los   Angeles organized to fight for a fair contract. In January 2019 they went on strike  for the schools Los Angeles students and families  deserve - and   won .

How do we make Philly #UTLAStrong?

Join Georgia Flowers-Lee and Gillian Russom from UTLA, Maurice Weeks from Bargaining for the Common Good , and PFT members, parents, and allies, on April 6, 2019 for a day of workshops to learn how the UTLA rank and file are transforming their union, building power, demanding a fair contract, fighting for racial and economic justice in LA - and winning!

Flowers-Lee and Russom are both members of the UTLA executive board, classroom teachers, and regional organizers of the recent strike. Get to know Flowers-Lee on the picket line and listen to Russom in this interview  on day 2 of the strike.

UTLA leaders have served as mentors for the Caucus  for years, including hosting 10 of us in Los Angeles in August 2017 at a conference designed to support Working Educators and like-minded caucuses. (UTLA is currently led by the Union Power caucus, a sister caucus of WE.)

SAVE THE DATE: WE Annual Convention  on Saturday, April 6th.

Make sure you register yourself and members from your school on this form!  http://bit.ly/MakePhillyUTLAStrong

And, you can donate here to support making this organizing happen!


Here is our agenda.  We can't wait to see you.


Sat. April 6, 2019 (9:30-3:30pm), Temple University,

Tuttleman Bldg, 809 N 13th St, Phila 19122

9:30 AM - Registration & Breakfast

9:45 - 10:15 AM - Putting Racial Justice At the Center

10:15 - 11:15 AM - Keynote 1 - Maurice Weeks (Bargaining For the Common Good)

11:30AM - 12:15PM - Breakout 1 - Contract Issue Groups

12:15PM - Tax Abatement Action

12:15 - 1:15 PM - Lunch

1:15 - 2:00 PM - Keynote 2 - Georgia Flowers Lee and Gillian Russom (UTLA)

2:15 - 3:00PM - Breakout 2 - Building Contract Action Teams

3:15- 3:30 PM - Closing

6:30-8:00 PM - Organizing for the Common Good (Calvary Center, 801 S. 48th St)