Why Working Educators? Our Platform

Thanks to all who attended our Second Annual Convention last Saturday! We introduced our slate of candidates for Executive Office, as well as unveiled our platform, which reflects the opinions and priorities of the many educators who turned out for our city-wide listening sessions. 

We'll be introducing you to the candidates over the next week. As for our platform, below is a partial summary of how our work would transform the PFT. If you'd like to check out our complete platform, see this document. Our platform is not a laundry list of campaign promises -- it is a template for how to improve how our union operates. We'll be highlighting additional sections of it in the coming weeks.

Want to share this with fellow educators? Click here to download a printable PDF version.


7 Ways Your Vote for Working Educators Will Mean Positive Change for the PFT

1. You will have a central office and staffers that listen and respond. We will send and receive direct phone calls and email.

2. Your Building Representative will become an expert. Veteran reps will help train newer reps, and we will use regional meetings to hear about member needs.

3. You will have a chance to read and understand your contract before voting. You deserve to know exactly what you are voting on.

4. When an event is coming up, you will know about it. Working Educators will share information earlier and through more channels -- both in person and online.

5. Your union will fight for you on all fronts. Court victories are great, but not enough. Working Educators will keep up the PFT’s legal fight, and also expand our alliances with parents, community groups, politicians, and other unions — so that the entire city on is on our side.

6. You will have a union that supports you as a professional educator, not just an employee. You know what works best for your students. We will protect your profession and fight for the resources you need.

7. You will belong to a PFT that builds power by involving ALL members. We’re the largest union in Philly. Our numbers are our strength!