Working Group for White Educators Building Anti-Racist Classrooms and Identities

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 05:00 PM


The U School (2000 N. 7th St), Room 106

Hosted by: Teacher Action Group and the Caucus of Working Educators

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Stemming from work begun through summer book groups and Inquiry to Action Groups, this working group aims to create a space for educators who identify as white to process racism and white supremacy together as we work on the continuing process of building anti-racist identities and classrooms. We will also consider how we can engage fellow educators who identify as white at our schools in this work, and spread our work more broadly across our city and country. With a focus on educators who identify as white, this group is open to all.

Each meeting, we will devote half of our time to processing what is happening in the world around us relating to racism and white supremacy, and the other half to considering how we can share and spread our work. 

For our contemporary engagement segment of the meeting, we will discuss Ta-Nehisi Coates' recent article (and preview of his upcoming book), "Donald Trump Is the First White President" ( We will also touch on his appearance on Meet the Press this past weekend, a clip of which can be seen here ( We'll use this article to dive into the contemporary state of white supremacy in America, and consider the implications this has for our practice as educators.

In the 2nd half of our meeting, we will share how we have been engaging our colleagues and school communities in this work, and consider additional ways we can spread our work further.

We will meet monthly on 2nd Wednesdays. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, November 8.

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