Our Platform

[Note: This is the original WE platform from our founding meeting on March 14th, 2014. For the 2016 WE election platform, please click here.]

WE work to defend and transform public education in Philadelphia.  As a caucus within the PFT, we seek to support and energize our union as well as work alongside the students, families, and communities of Philadelphia.

What we work for:

Member-Driven Union

WE work to respond to, represent, and amplify the voice of our members.  We believe that the true power of our union to make change comes from strengthening the web of relationships between members, not from waiting for or responding to top-down decisions.


Transparency, Accountability and Shared Decision-Making  

WE believe in open governance, communication, and information exchange within the School District of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, and all institutions that influence public education. Those most affected by the decisions concerning public education must be at the table as decision-makers, namely educators, parents, students, and school community members.  


Defense of Publicly Funded Public Education

WE support measures that ensure every student has access to a high quality, fully-funded public education, regardless of family income, racial background, or neighborhood.  We demand increased funding to meet students’ actual social, emotional and academic needs, as well as make up for the lasting impact of racial discrimination and economic disinvestment that has left our schools under-resourced.


Transformed Curriculum and Autonomy to Teach, not Test

WE support the reclaiming of teacher autonomy and professional discretion to develop a transformative curriculum and pedagogy that promotes critical thinking, creativity, and compassion in our students. We work to stop the over-reliance on state-mandated high-stakes testing and curriculum as a means to sort, label and punish students, teachers, and schools.  


Education for All

WE are a social justice caucus that opposes institutional racism and organizes with students, parents, and other working people to hold schools and government accountable for providing a quality education for all students.  We work to stop the attacks being waged on low-income students and communities of color, massive layoffs of school staff, and the punitive policies which push students into the school-to-prison pipeline.  


Strong Contract and Rights of Members

WE believe that our working conditions are students’ learning conditions.  We must have a strong Agreement between the PFT and the School District that ensures that we are respected, supported, and compensated fairly to provide for the best learning environment for our students.