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Meet the Slate for a Stronger PFT:

In Los Angeles, Chicago, Saint Paul, Baltimore and other cities, caucuses just like the Working Educators won leadership of their unions -- and then went on to win smaller class sizes, higher wages, increased support staff, and so much more.  Over the past year we have met with the new leadership in those cities and learned how to build a more powerful union.   

We know this is not about a slate of people running for leadership, but about a vision for a different kind of union.  We know that we can only win more for educators and students if we build a union that includes all of us--- because there is power in numbers! 

What do we plan to fight for? Please check out our document The Schools Philadelphia Students, Families & Communities Deserve”This document was created with the input of hundreds of PFT members across the district, and we still want your feedback! Email us at contact@workingeducators.org to share your thoughts.

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