The Caucus of Working Educators is an organization of PFT members who believe educators, parents, students, and allies have the power to improve our public schools.

It's Philly's turn to stand up for the schools we deserve!

Updates from our Blog:

Oct 28, 2020

Statement on Walter Wallace: We Believe Black Lives Matter

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Jun 03, 2020

Working Educators Stands with Black Lives Matter

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Apr 12, 2020

Philly Educators Solidarity Pledge

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Why I Joined Working Educators?

Philly Educators Solidarity Pledge

The Schools Our Students, Families, & Educators Deserve:

Lower Class Sizes for Better Learning

We need lower class size limits across all areas so that students can get the support they need, and real mechanisms to enforce these caps.

Healthy School Buildings

We need fully-functional buildings that are free and remediated from all lead, asbestos, mold, and pests, and with proper heating and cooling systems.

Wage Increases for ALL Educators

Paraprofessionals, Support Staff, Teachers, Related Service Providers, and all other school staff deserve to be paid fairly and equitably for the hard work we do every day.

Libraries, Art, Music, & PE

We need to invest in educating the whole child by ensuring that all students have access to the arts, music, and physical education.

Recruit & Retain Educators of Color

We need strong action to recruit, support, and retain teachers of color. We need paid mentorship programs for veteran teachers of color to support new teachers.

No More Concessions & Healthcare Losses

We need to stop accepting concessions and increased healthcare costs, and defend the benefits that we deserve.

End Understaffing & Contracting-Out

Every year more PFT staff are cut and replaced with non-union, contract employees. We must stop the understaffing and privatization of our schools.

It's Time to Win the Schools We Deserve

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