A caucus is simply a group of people with shared concerns within a political party or larger organization. Our caucus seeks to support and further the mission of our union by tapping into the group’s biggest resource: their members! By participating, you elevate your union as a whole by connecting with other members and getting involved with union matters.

Yes! Caucuses are an integral part of union work, and are actually quite common in all kinds of unions. Most urban teacher unions have multiple caucuses within their union, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Newark, and New York. (The current leadership of the PFT actually belongs to their own caucus. It's called the Collective Bargaining Team, or CBT.)

To become a full member, you must be a current or retired member of the PFT. We also accept non-PFT individuals as associate members, who participate in events but do not vote on caucus matters.

In brief, we believe in a social movement union that is grounded in its membership. Working Educators ARE the union, not just served by their leadership! For more details, check out our platform.

Not at all! We are proud to be PFT members, and the Caucus of Working Educators is a way to support our union and its leadership. We believe that a union’s strength lies in its members, and the caucus seeks to increase that strength by empowering the rank and file.