Who is the Caucus of Working Educators?

We are the counselors, nurses, teachers, para-professionals, NTA's, secretaries, psychologists, librarians, and support staff who work with our students every day.

This group formed out of conversations that PFT members were having in many different settings -- in their own buildings, through district events, via grassroots teacher networks like Teacher Action Group and Teachers Lead Philly, and most importantly, through our collective work as members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers!

As a result of these conversations, a diverse group of working educators came together to start this group. They represent the many different professions, school and neighborhood settings, levels of experience, and personal identities that exist within the PFT. The caucus celebrates this diversity, and seeks to expand on it whenever possible -- we see it as a source of strength for our work.

The caucus is open to all who seek to support and energize our union as well as work alongside the students, families, and communities of Philadelphia. We hope you will join us in our work!

Check out our platform for more details on what we believe in.

For queries about how a caucus works, check out our frequently asked questions.

To learn more about why people are joining, check out our "Why I Joined" page, plus ongoing posts from members on our blog.