Here's what "Down Ticket" Means and Why it Matters in PA

Three weeks away from election day, virtually every major poll has both the state of Pennsylvania and the country as a whole going Democrat for the presidential election.

In response to this, many potential voters and volunteers are asking: Does my effort really matter this year? This presidential election season has been exceptionally contentious. And many voters have mixed feelings about even heading to the polls after such a contentious primary season.

However, to focus exclusively on the presidential election ignores the vast majority of seats, and political realities, that will be decided on November 8th. Even though the national race grabs media attention -- it is the local races that need you to turn out and vote!  

Here are just a few “down ticket” races in around the city and state that will be decided by handfuls of votes:

  • Katie McGinty is facing a tough US Senate race against ultra-conservative Pat Toomey.

  • In the Northeast, Joe Hohensteinin the 177th district is seeking to unseat longtime Republican rep John Taylor.

  • For folks on the other side of the state, John Hammond is giving PA Speaker Mike Turzai a run for his money in his longtime district north of Pittsburgh!

And don’t forget that our next president will likely have the immediate responsibility of nominating a justice to the Supreme Court of the United States. Who do you want in charge of that?

For all these reasons and more, the Caucus of Working Educators implores people to read up on their local races and turn out for those votes.

Sign up to canvass and phone bank at the PFT Votes website.

For more detailed descriptions of PA’s best candidates, check out the Working Families Endorsements Page.