New Flyer: Calculate Your REAL 'Shared Sacrifice'

Want to explain to your neighbors, friends, and colleagues how much teachers already 'give back' to our schools and communities?

Our new flyer compares the exact dollar amounts teachers already contribute everyday in our classrooms and two years without a contract, side-by-side with the additional REAL costs of the SRC's new health givebacks (hint: it's way more than $70 a month!).

Download the printable flyer here, and share widely in your building and community how much teachers really sacrifice!

(And while you're at it, remind them that it's not about the money anyways- this is the SRC and Corbett playing politics with the lives of teachers and students).

Screenshot_2014-10-08_at_6.42.53_PM.png Screenshot_2014-10-08_at_6.43.05_PM.png

If you want more details on how to calculate the true total of your 'shared sacrifice' under the proposed health plan, here's the full breakdown of costs and benefits (download the PDF here):