Stand Up for Certified School Nurses

The School District of Philadelphia continues efforts to undermine the nationally recognized school health program offered for over one hundred years by seeking proposals to outsource certified school nurse positions.

Certified school nurses of Philadelphia have gained national and international attention in courageous advocacy for our students over the past three years since 100 nursing positions were eliminated.

Unlike the providers who will replace us if the district has its way

PFT certified school nurses provide:

  • Assessment and/or treatment and referral for every student, regardless of insurance status
  • Professional care with the utmost attention to privacy, coordinating care with families and primary care providers as needed
  • Evidence-based best practices, allowing students to remain in their classrooms to ensure optimal learning opportunities
  • Longstanding knowledge of our communities, families, and students
  • Stability as permanent, committed members of our school team
  • Advocacy for every child’s health and wellness        

STAND UP FOR PHILADELPHIA'S CERTIFIED SCHOOL NURSES! Share this information widely and contact [email protected] for more information and to help out.