Working Educators Respond to Eric Garner Case

In light of recent no indictment ruling in the Eric Garner case, the Caucus of Working Educators stands in solidarity with the family of Eric Garner and everyone across the country fighting for #blacklivesmatter.

Two days after the 59th anniversary of Rosa Parks refusal to move from her seat, a New York Grand Jury ruled that police officer, David Pantaleo, would not be charged in the choke-hold death of Eric Garner, a father of 6. In spite of the following two facts: Choke-holds are banned from the New York Police Department and the autopsy ruled Garner’s death a homicide and the choke hold as the official cause of death according to the coroner report. Despite the push for body cameras, this incident was completely captured on video, which questions the veracity and effectiveness of the new proposed camera policies. We hope that justice will be done for Tamir Rice.

True change will have to include acknowledgment of an always broken American Justice system, deep bias in policing, major education and training for law enforcement, firing of police officers who have violated civilian rights, and transforming our mechanisms and priorities for building truly safe communities. 

Educators, community members, and parents want our children to feel safe and for justice to prevail over bias and inherently racist laws. We want to be able to look each of our students in the face and tell them that they are safe and that their lives DO matter.

If these issues matter to you as an educator, then we strongly encourage you to attend today's happy hour hosted by Teacher Action Group:

December 5th
Prohibition Taproom
531 N 13th Street