How WE Will Lead: Amy Roat, President

How will Working Educators lead the PFT? Meet all 9 officer candidates for yourself, learn their vision for the future of our union, and find out why they are running for office in the 2016 PFT elections.

First up, Working Educators Candidate for PFT President, Amy Roat: 

"My fellow PFT members inspire me to lead the PFT. I care for all the employees in my building- the counselor, the nurse, the assistants, the teachers. In fact, those people are the glue of the PFT. I'm in it for them."


Amy2.jpgAMY NICOLE ROAT  has been teaching English Language Learners in 6th-8th grades for nine years at Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences. For 15 years prior, Amy taught  elementary grades throughout Philadelphia and in the Rochester (NY) City School District. She is a graduate of Manhattan College, University of Pennsylvania (Masters of Science in Elementary Education), and Temple University (Masters of Arts in Urban Education.)  Amy has been the Building Representative at FSAS for the past three years. She has also been on the Building Committee.


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